Wandoan South BESS

Woleebee, Queensland
100 MWac

Project overview

The Wandoan South Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is located near Wandoan, 400km north-west of Brisbane in south-west Queensland. The BESS will have a discharge capacity of up to 100MW and store 150MWh of energy, which could power up to 57,000 average homes annually.

The BESS is being delivered in partnership with AGL Energy and will represent the first milestone of the Wandoan South Project. The project will be connected to Powerlink’s Wandoan South Substation, located to the south of the project site.

Project benefits

With a construction budget of $120 million, the project will make a positive economic contribution to local, regional and national economies, as one of the largest battery projects in Queensland.

Vena Energy Australia supports a local procurement policy and promotes participation from local, regional and Australian suppliers wherever possible.

Local employment and procurement opportunities will be encouraged as part of the 12-month construction program, with the labour force anticipated to be 30 strong during construction.

The Wandoan South BESS represents a step change in Queensland’s transition to a cleaner energy future and will lead the way for more investment in Queensland’s adoption of renewable energy.

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