Collinsville North Solar Project

Collinsville, Queensland
Up to 150 MWac

Project overview

The Collinsville North Solar Project is located near Collinsville, 90km south-west of Bowen in Queensland. The project has a proposed generation capacity of 100 to 150 megawatts (MWac) and will generate electricity equivalent to the annual needs of approximately 50,000 homes. The $200 million project is in close proximity to the decommissioned Collinsville coal-fired power station to take advantage of existing electrical infrastructure including Powerlink’s 132 kV substation and Ergon Energy’s distribution network. The project was approved in November 2016 by the Whitsunday Regional Council.

Project benefits

The construction and operation of the project will make a positive economic contribution to local, regional and national economies. It is expected that construction will peak at over 200 while several permanent staff will be employed once complete. Other temporary staff will be required periodically to clean the solar panels, undertake environmental maintenance, electrical works, fire management and site security. The project will produce clean energy and have no greenhouse gas emissions.

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